renee gadouaI’ve been telling stories all my life. As a child, I would set up my stuffed pals, assign them roles, histories and motivations. And from a young age, I had to be forced to go out and play rather than curl up in my favorite cubby and read stories.

My love of stories led to a career as a writer and editor, and I’ve been making a living collecting, polishing and pitching stories all my adult life. I spent about 25 years in the newspaper business, and I loved (nearly) every minute. Now I’ve turned to a new chapter as a freelance writer and editor. I write articles for print and online publications as well as press releases and reports for non-profits and foundations.

My interests are broad, and eclectic: religion, politics, media, writing, fiction, women’s issues, old-school musical theater, vintage jewelry, archaeology, art, travel, Greek & Roman history and mythology …

I’m a generalist, open to writing carefully and curiously about nearly everything. But I especially like to write about religion, public policy, women’s issues and New York history. And I have a soft spot for those whose voices typically get drowned out.

Everyone has a story. Let me tell yours.