I’m in the business of telling stories. Here’s how I can help you tell yours:

Stories: I’ll research and write them, or I’ll revise your story to make it sparkle with details and shine with professionalism.

Press releases: I’ll tell the story of your program, event, research or grant proposal in a professional, efficient way. I can also help you prepare a fast, thoughtful crisis response.

Annual reports: Give me the information, and I’ll craft the story that highlights the strengths and unique character of your agency or organization. I can also help you gather information.

Newsletter/ website content: I’ll cover your organization’s events, interview your achievers and leaders, and prepare stories that will raise your group’s profile.

Media strategy: I’ll help you shape a plan to get your story out to the public, using traditional and new media tools.

Family histories: I will interview and record conversations with your loved ones so you can preserve your precious family stories.

Proofreading: In this form of light editing, I will correct spelling and punctuation errors and/or compare drafts of a project to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Copy editing: This is a medium-level editing process, and includes correcting copy to make phrases read more smoothly, rearranging paragraphs to make the ideas more logical and clear, and asking questions that will fill in gaps and clarify your meaning.

Substantive editing: This is the most hands-on, dramatic form of editing. It may involve developing or revising a story or document’s structure, filling in gaps in information and shaping the tone of the piece.

Something else? Ask me. I’ll do my best to make it happen.

My rates are in line with the guidelines of the Editorial Freelancers Association rate chart and the 2012 Freelance Industry Report.